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The end of Onboarding 1.0 and what you need to know


As you may have seen, SAP has announced the end of support for the SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0 solution.  

This was the original solution used in SuccessFactors for onboarding, crossboarding and offboarding employees within the organisation, and has been a trusted solution for customers for many years. This was built on different technology than the main SuccessFactors platform.  

SAP have spent considerable time and effort to build a new solution using the main SuccessFactors platform. This was originally labelled as Onboarding 2.0, but relabelled to Onboarding a number of years ago.

SAP have now announced the end of Maintenance for October 2025 and the deprecation of Onboarding 1.0 is planned for the May/June 2026 release. This means customers will need to start planning now for migration to the new Onboarding solution by the end of 2025 ideally!

The look and feel of Onboarding differs from Onboarding 1.0, as does the functionality and 

capabilities of the solution.  It is built on the MDF framework, so uses the same data model, business rules and user interface as Employee Central for example. 

Onboarding is built on a completely different technology stack than Onboarding 1.0. This means that there is no digitised migration path that can be utilised. The good news is that we have a process to ensure the functionality from the legacy system is enabled in the new solution, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So how can Discovery Consulting help you?

Many customers implemented Onboarding 1.0 many years ago.  In the time elapsed since the original implementation there would have been changes within the organisation, which may not have been replicated in the solution. Or, what was once considered a good design and fit for your organisation may now not reflect good and efficient practices. 

This gives you a choice:

  • Look to enable the same or similar processes in Onboarding that currently exists
  • New implementation of Onboarding for full transformation of the processes.

The good news is that Discovery Consulting can work with you for both scenarios.  

For customers looking to enable the new solution, we have created a self assessment tool that will enable us to better work with you to understand your current solution and its complexity.  We can then propose the best way forward for you for timeframes and effort, based on how you are using the current solution, as well as the best approach.  

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