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Foster engagement and productivity in the hybrid workplace

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Workplaces have changed significantly over the past 18 months. Flexible arrangements and remote teams have empowered employees and organisations to persevere – even thrive – through tumultuous and uncertain times.

However, as work becomes more fragmented, businesses are grappling with more than the logistical challenges of a hybrid workforce. How leaders nurture staff productivity and engagement has shifted, and new technologies are pioneering post-pandemic employee satisfaction. One such technology is the new SAP Work Zone for HR.

What is SAP Work Zone for HR?

SAP Work Zone for HR is not just for HR staff – it delivers a one-stop, intelligently personalised, and highly intuitive employee experience for every member of an enterprise. In short, its online portal makes working simpler, leading to increased engagement, higher productivity, and improved retention.

Through SAP Work Zone for HR, employees gain convenient access to applications, processes, and communication tools relevant to their position and duties. The unified entry point saves time by delivering smart recommendations and contextual guidance and eliminating the need to log in to several applications.

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Three timely benefits of SAP’s new internal online portal

Benefit 1: Empowering the intelligent enterprise

Not long ago, the idea of workforce automation sent shockwaves of terror through employees who feared for their job security. Organisations were reluctant, too, believing the adoption of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) would only serve to complicate workplace processes.

But as digitisation has accelerated, thanks in part to the pandemic, attitudes have flipped. Intelligence has become the modern-day enterprise’s competitive edge, fuelling both engagement and productivity.

SAP Work Zone for HR can further empower the intelligent enterprise with time- and resource-saving capabilities that minimise friction and maximise action. For one, employees are saved from the time-consuming task of finding, connecting, and logging into content and applications across disconnected systems. The unified entry point is accessible via a single sign-on, giving team members quick and easy access to the software and information they need to execute their core duties.

Of course, a single sign-on dashboard is only practical if employees have access beyond the four walls of their office; SAP Work Zone for HR is available on any device via the online portal.

Once logged in, employees are guided through a series of personalised context-based experiences that streamline processes – even those that stretch across departments. Simplified workflows reduce distraction and stress to foster engagement and a sense of personal accomplishment. Engaged employees are more productive and can lead to over 20 per cent increases in profits.

Benefit 2: Supporting communication and collaborate

Watercooler discussion and other moments of organic communication are less common in the remote world, but research suggests collaboration is key to unlocking teams’ peak performance. In one study, participants primed to collaborate worked on a given task for 64 per cent longer than individual peers working alone. Collaborating participants also reported higher engagement and success rates and lower levels of fatigue.

SAP Work Zone for HR empowers office and deskless employees – as well as contractors and consultants – to communicate and collaborate seamlessly and in real-time. Team leaders can build a communication practice that aligns with the company’s culture while ensuring every staff member has access to relevant, up-to-date information. HR can even send out enterprise-wide notifications without calling on the IT department, again saving time and ensuring the prompt delivery of essential information.

When it comes to intelligent software, customisation is critical. SAP Work Zone enables employees to create project- and team-specific workspaces and communities where they can share ideas, ask questions, and collaborate on tasks.

Benefit 3: Building workforce agility

In the new normal, successful workforces are agile workforces. According to research by McKinsey & Company, agile workplaces experience a 20 to 30 per cent boost in employee engagement and an up-to-30 per cent hike in customer experience. Still, more than one in four executives believe their organisation is not agile enough to survive future market shifts.

Employee learning is crucial to building workforce agility, and SAP Work Zone for HR helps make it easier. By providing fast access to dynamic learning resources and knowledge-sharing spaces, Work Zone pushes staff to grow their skillset and explore new perspectives.

What’s more, as marketplaces change, organisations are face-to-face critical skills gaps. SAP Work Zone for HR streamlines on- and off-boarding, minimising the time and financial resources required to train new staff.

Have questions? Reach out today

The genius of SAP Work Zone for HR is its employee-centric approach. Designed to boost engagement and productivity through seamless day-to-day experiences, the software allows team members to ‘get into the flow’ fast – and stay there.

If you have questions about this powerful new SAP product and its implementation, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today. We’d be happy to provide personalised advice.

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