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What Can Employees Do with the SuccessFactors Mobile App?

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SAP's mobile-first strategy has unlocked a wealth of opportunities for its enterprise users. Rather than relying upon desktop platforms and other static solutions, organisations can improve the experience they provide by leveraging mobile software, such as the SuccessFactors Mobile App. In turn, operations become far easier to manage and the employee experience is greatly enhanced.

The mobile experience has also become critically important, particularly as the workforce in Australia and New Zealand grows younger and becomes increasingly comprised of digital natives. Smartphone penetration in Australia is expected to surpass 80% of the population in the coming years, making an offering like the SuccessFactors mobile app in the modern workplace.

Let's learn more about the specifics of this mobile app, approaching it from the point of view of your team members as we examine what employees can do with the SuccessFactors application.

Manage HR Data

Within the SuccessFactors mobile app, employees can access the Core HR area. This is a portion of the mobile app that is designed to be employee-facing, giving team members the tools they need to manage their data and ensure it is up to date. They can achieve this via the Employee Self Service — or ESS — a feature that is built into the app. From here, team members can access and update personal information held in their Employee Central People Profile.

Complete and Edit Timesheets

The SuccessFactors app supports the completion, editing and submission of timesheets, ready for approval from management teams. Employees can complete their timesheets digitally, ensuring that all of their working hours are properly recorded and that they are remunerated for their time according to their contract. These timesheets are then viewable in the Manager Self Service — MSS — area of the app and can be approved or queried.

Case Study: Outsourced IT Maintenance

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For organisations that need to outsource specific aspects of their work, the importance of this timesheet feature becomes acutely evident. While some businesses may have a very simple salary structure, plus any required overtime, more dynamically structured firms will need to be able to manage timesheets from both sides, i.e. from the HR/management side as well as from the employee side.

Let's take outsourced IT maintenance as an example. If an organisation has an ad hoc arrangement with a third party IT maintenance team, they will need to pay for the work carried out. This can become confusing with traditional timesheet solutions, as errors or discrepancies may not be noticed until after your company pays for services. With the SuccessFactors app, maintenance workers can edit and submit timesheets in real-time, gaining swift approval and eliminating errors along the way.

Request Leave

Employees are able to submit leave requests via the SAP SuccessFactors app, inputting the dates and duration of the leave and identifying the type of leave required. This leave may be part of the annual leave provided in their contract, or it may be a different kind of leave, such as paternity or maternity periods, which employees are legally entitled to. The employee can support their leave request with any documentation that may be required -- for example, medical documents and doctor's notes in the event that sick leave is required. Management can provide swift approval for leave requests, or ask the employee to provide further information -- interactions that can be picked up in real-time via the app.

Access Pay Statements

It is useful for employees to be able to access digital pay statements and payment records. They can achieve this in the Employee Central area, using the Payroll Information feature to view pay statements. This feature is provided alongside the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll, and the system will need to be properly configured and integrated before team members can gain access to payroll data via the application. Employees will not have access to Year to Date Gross and Net data via the Employee Central area, although this data will still be viewable by management and HR teams.

Complete Performance Goal Actions

The Mobile Performance and Goals area of the SuccessFactors app is primarily for management teams to create performance goal plans and to conduct and manage performance reviews. However, employees will be able to complete actions when prompted. If the employee is required to view and confirm goal and performance review data, they can use the mobile application to carry this out.

Access Training and Learning Features

The Learning Features area of the mobile application is similarly geared towards the creation and management of training and learning programs. However, employees will also be able to use this area to manage course enrolments and to approve and sign off on actions that have been completed.

Employees will be able to access learning and support content via this area of the app. The Learning Features section of the app integrates with Continuous Performance Management — CPM — to form the Improved Learning and Talent Experience feature, supporting the ongoing development of personnel.

Case Study: Logistics Fuel Benefits

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To understand how the app's training and learning features work in practice, we can examine a case study from the logistics industry. Employees in the logistics field have specific training and learning pathways based on the requirements of their role -- a driver, for instance, will have different learning objectives to those of a maintenance worker. Employees can access specific learning modules and content based on their own needs, ensuring that only relevant content is delivered to them.

This is just one example, of course. The training and learning feature is broadly applicable and can be leveraged across a wide variety of different industry sectors.

Support Your Employees with the SAP SuccessFactors Mobile App

Digital technology puts a great deal of power into your hands — and into your employees' hands too. With the SAP SuccessFactors mobile app, you can provide the very highest levels of support to your team as they go about their work.

Reach out to us today to get started. We are SuccessFactors experts, assisting you as you make life easier for your team members and achieve a better way of doing business.

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