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Create a Culture of Learning with SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System

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Business success ultimately depends on the skills and knowledge employees possess. Employee training is also essential for compliance reasons. Yet, facilitating a culture of learning isn’t easy without the right tools. The SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS) module offers a next-generation solution for corporations that are ready to redefine the learning experience.

Why fostering a modern learning environment is a business priority

According to Deloitte’s 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report, 86 per cent of survey respondents believe that reinventing the way people learn is one of their organisation’s more pressing issues right now. The reality is, learning is becoming more integrated with work as companies tackle two long-standing challenges: the skills gap and compliance regulations. However, employers are struggling to cultivate an effective learning experience and to foster an authentic culture of learning.

In Australia, 78 per cent of CEOs believe not enough availability of key skills is a major threat to growth. When asked about the implications of the skills gap, 55 per cent of business leaders said it’s stopping their company from innovating efficiently and 44 per cent said it’s making it harder to meet growth targets.

Compliance training is a struggle for both employers and employees. Authors Hui Chen and Eugene Soltes sum up the problem well in a Harvard Business Review article – they explain that the costs of compliance don’t always justify the ends. The average multinational spends millions a year on compliance training, and this doesn’t account for the thousands of valuable employee hours consumed every year engaging in training and other compliance activities. Still, businesses don’t see clear benefits, while employees don’t appreciate having to complete “mindless training exercises.”

The key to successful employee training is to create a modern learning environment that engages employees, inspires curiosity, and makes managing compliance simple.

SAP SuccessFactors LMS delivers on all of these objectives, whilst at the same time redefining what’s possible when it comes to upskilling, reskilling, and maintaining compliance.

SuccessFactors LMS enables employees to succeed – and drives business growth

Turn employees into proactive learners with a learning management system purpose-built for engagement. SuccessFactors LMS takes training to a whole new level with machine learning-powered personalisation, accessibility, and clear paths to career development.

  • Curated training content can align with business goals. Offer courses and curricula to support organisational development, performance goals, as well as compliance needs.
  • Personalisation makes learning more effective. Employees receive personalised recommendations based on their goals, past training, and the learning of their peers.
  • Mobility lets employees learn from anywhere. Learners can access course content on any device or download for off-line use.
  • Give learners control over their development. With the ability to search and filter training content, employees can create learning paths tied to their career and skill development goals.

With SAP’s LMS, employees – as well as partners that sell or support your products – develop new skills and gain knowledge that’s necessary for growth. This can lead to a range of benefits, including faster innovation, greater resilience, and the ability to source talent from your in-house team for new roles and promotions.

It also boosts engagement. With quality career training that’s easily accessed, employees can pick up new skills to help them move ahead in their career. With the SuccessFactors LMS, employers also get a 360-degree view of employee training with complete learning histories, surveys, certificates of completion, and assigned goals. You’ll have more clarity over who’s ready to take on new challenges and what skill gaps persist at your organisation.

SuccessFactors takes the complexity out of compliance

There’s no one way to tackle compliance training. Legal mandates change regularly, and keeping employees up-to-date is a never-ending task. With SAP’s system, administrators can configure workflows and easily stay on top of compliance needs, even in highly-regulated industries. SAP Success Factors automates, simplifies, and ensures total peace of mind.

  • Customise training by group. Send specific learning assignments to different audiences, such as new employees or those who handle data directly and require updated training.
  • Reduce legal risk with faster training. Push mandatory recurring and one-time training assignment to learners quickly, ensuring employees are informed, and your obligations are met.
  • Save time and reduce administrative costs. All of this can be automated, which can dramatically cut down time spent on compliance management.
  • Gain important insights. SuccessFactors learning analytics offers detailed information on compliance training status and activities. Managers can use this information to stay on top of which employees need training and when.

Managing compliance training doesn’t need to be a headache for everyone. SAP has created a learning management system that makes it easier for employees, managers, and HR teams to tackle compliance efficiently.

A learning management system designed to empower modern corporations

In a compliance-heavy, high-tech world, corporations can’t move forward without a strong culture of learning. Give your stakeholders the tools that will enable them to thrive, and in the process, unleash your organisation’s potential.

Employee training doesn’t have to be challenging – contact us to get started with SuccessFactors LMS.

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