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SAP SuccessFactors New Learning Experience Unleashed: Expert User Insights

If you have been eagerly awaiting a new landing page for SAP SuccessFactors Learning, it’s finally arrived. In this blog we will share insights into what has been released, how to apply this to your systems, and what is coming in 2024. 


The latest Learning Home Page enables personalised recommendations and other innovative features. SAP SuccessFactors Learning now offers a revamped user experience, adopting a people-focused, skill-based methodology that emphasises growth and development rather than resource management. Join us on this journey, where learning evolves from a necessity to a desire. 

What can you expect to see in SAP SuccessFactors Learning today?

  • Prioritise a personalised user experience that puts employees and their needs at the core of the system.
  • Create a tailored learning journey that considers employees' motivations, skill targets, work styles, and learning preferences, in addition to their current roles and prior experiences.
  • Simplify navigation with the SAP SuccessFactors Platform by implementing straightforward cross-module functions, which can promote a more consistent approach to learning and talent strategy.
  • Increase learner engagement by introducing new features, such as the ability to bookmark training sessions or mark course dates on their calendars.
  • Highlight the exceptional personalised user experience to underscore the organisation's investment value, recognising that this investment leads to increased productivity, higher returns, and reduced turnover.

What can you expect to see in Learning in H1 2024 and beyond?

  • Enhanced Search (Q2 2024)
    • Enhanced Search expands what can be searched, providing additional filters to narrow the search results and improve the overall user experience. 
    • This function will roll out gradually by Data Centre. 
  • Manager Experience (Q2 2024)
    •  Empower managers to identify and easily assign training to their team members.
  • The following functions are under development and will be expected in 2025.
    • Quick Links
    • Learning History
    • Training items that are self-assigned or not in a curriculum

Steps to enable the new learning experience

The new learning experience comes out of the box for both website and mobile. Administrators will have the opportunity to enable or disable this new learning experience. However, to get the new features, the system will need to meet the following prerequisites.

  • Adopt the new SAP SuccessFactors Learning Course Home feature.
  • Have the tenant integration “sealed” between SAP SuccessFactors Platform and Learning (see documentation and blog on the Community)
  • Activate LMS-IAS integration (for Learning only users)
  • To further maximise the value of the integrated learning experience, we also recommend that you:
  • Familiarise yourself with the approach that looks beyond employees’ knowledge and skills and includes more attributes for learning.
  • Another option is to set up the Talent Intelligence Hub and enable your learners to access the Growth Portfolio.
  • Evaluate if SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace could be a valuable addition for your organisation to drive peer- and experiential learning and provide personalised recommendations across many development opportunities. Please note this is a separately SAP-licenced product.

What should you enable or not enable?

As an end user, whilst all the new enhancements sound exciting, Discovery Consulting would recommend enabling the function only in your Development or Testing environments and opting out of the upgrade completely in the Production environment. Doing so grants more time for admins and organisations to explore and prepare thoroughly for the redeveloped experience in 2024.

However, if you are confident about exposing the new learning experience to your users, you could also enable the function in production, as SAP provides a toggle for users to switch between on/off to view the new or the old learning home page.

Core Functions of the Latest SuccessFactors Learning

The new Learning Home Page is a gateway to a world of personalised learning. It leverages advanced capabilities, including AI-powered talent intelligence, to deliver tailored recommendations that align with your unique skills and aspirations whilst focusing on the user’s learning needs. This means the user’s learning experience is visually appealing, highly relevant, and personalised.

SAP SuccessFactors New Learning Home Page

New Learning Home Page (Source)

Required Learning

Previously, learners may have felt inundated by the abundance of courses available through their organisation. However, the revamped learning homepage now presents required learning assignments in a visually clear manner, prioritising the employee's learning objectives.

The next steps for each task are clearly outlined. Whether it's completing surveys, fulfilling prerequisites, or joining virtual sessions, learners know what to do next. They can easily check in to classes, view their waitlist status, and access class QR codes. Clear indicators prompt e-signatures and highlight requests for actions like task observation. Approval flows can be re-triggered for rejected courses. This structured approach keeps learners engaged and on track.

  • One-stop shop for “What I Need to Learn” and Required Learning - For mandatory training, the compliance status is prominently displayed at the top of the learner's stream, ensuring employees stay informed about their learning progress.
  • Provides colour-coded curriculum status for better visibility
Required Learning – Block Calendar Function
Required Learning – Block Calendar Function
  • Possible to “Block Calendar” and check Curriculum Details - Learners can proactively schedule learning time by blocking off time on their calendar directly from the course page, thanks to the new Block Calendar feature, which lets them download .ics files to their local calendar.
Required Learning – Check Curriculum Details Function
Required Learning – Check Curriculum Details Function

Requests for Me

Requests for actions, like task observation, are visible in the "requests for me" section. Online course approval flows can be re-triggered if previously rejected. This structured approach and detailed assignment info help learners stay engaged and on track.

SAP SuccessFactors Learning Home Page Requests for Me section - List of requests that require users’ attention, to action or to complete.

Invest in Myself

Learners can utilise the "invest in myself" section to bookmark learning materials for future reference and easily access them from the new home page. They can also discover recommendations from peers and trusted colleagues, along with personalised AI suggestions based on their learning history and skills within their growth portfolio. Completion of courses linked to skills and proficiency levels can automatically update their growth portfolio.

SAP SuccessFactors invest in myself
SAP SuccessFactors Learning Home Page Invest in Myself section - Latest Bookmarked Courses, Suggestions by Peers and AI suggestions.

Personalised Recommendation

The new integrated learning experience transforms how the system delivers learning recommendations through AI-driven talent intelligence. Learners can receive personalised suggestions based on their learning history, growth portfolio, role in the company, and job role. Peer recommendations are also highlighted prominently. With machine learning algorithms, these suggestions improve over time with more usage.

Note: AI recommendations are opt-in.

SAP SuccessFactors Learning Home Page Personalised Recommendation section - Personalised learning recommendations based off AI-driven talent intelligence

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