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What Is the SAP Business Technology Platform?

The SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is a central platform that includes cloud tools, analytics, and development services. It started in the early 2010s as SAP NetWeaver Cloud and then became SAP HANA Cloud Platform. These made it easier to build applications and manage data in the cloud.

SAP wanted to simplify technology for businesses by combining different services and products. In 2021, SAP BTP was launched as a central platform that includes cloud tools, business analytics, and development services, helping businesses to understand their data better and innovate more quickly.

The story of SAP BTP is not static. Throughout 2022, the platform saw continuous growth through strategic acquisitions and feature advancements. 

The acquisition of Askdata aimed to strengthen SAP BTP's AI capabilities, specifically in natural language search. At the same time, the introduction of features like advanced event mesh, process automation, and SAP Build Apps (formerly SAP AppGyver) broadened the platform's potential for businesses.

The integration of Askdata's technology marks just one chapter in SAP BTP's ongoing evolution. With the SAP Discovery Center offering a window into the platform's continuous development, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and leverage the latest innovations to fuel their data-driven success.

Types of SAP BTP

When exploring SAP BTP, you'll encounter several distinct environments. However, SAP Multi-Cloud—which includes Cloud Foundry and Kyma—is typically the best option. It offers access to a wealth of services that cater to different needs and developer preferences. Here's an overview of its features:

SAP BTP Multi-Cloud

  • Allows for more flexibility and can be used on different data centers, including big providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure
  • Supports many programming languages, letting users choose their preferred ones
  • Features multiple runtimes, including ABAP Cloud (a newer, cloud-based version of ABAP) and Kyma, for greater customisation and innovation
  • Excellent for building modern applications alongside existing SAP systems, enabling seamless integration and data exchange.
  • Incorporates Cloud Foundry, offering a versatile environment for creating polyglot cloud applications. This includes the SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry runtime service, based on the open-source platform managed by the Cloud Foundry Foundation. It supports a wide range of programming languages, libraries, and services and allows the use of various buildpacks.

4 SAP BTP Pillars

SAP Business Technology Platform is an integrated ecosystem with four core pillars:

  1. Business Analytics: Utilises tools like SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BusinessObjects BI to transform data into actionable intelligence for informed decision-making
  2. Application Development and Integration: Enables creation of custom applications using various programming languages, with seamless integration into existing SAP systems
  3. Database and Data Management: Offers robust solutions like SAP HANA for secure data storage, with tools for data cleansing and governance
  4. Intelligent Technologies: Employs AI and machine learning for task automation and efficient processes, including SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation and SAP Conversational AI

Let's take a closer look.

Business Analytics 

In today's business landscape, actionable insights hold significant value. SAP BTP is an essential tool that provides in-depth analysis of your data, uncovering key patterns and enabling well-informed decisions based on current intelligence.

Key analytics tools in SAP BTP include:

  • SAP Analytics Cloud: Simplifies data exploration with intuitive dashboards and easy-to-use features
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI: Offers advanced data analysis and reporting tools
  • SAP Crystal Solutions: A versatile platform for creating detailed reports and visualisations, suitable for small businesses
  • SAP Datasphere: Centralises your data, breaking down silos for consistent and reliable insights
  • SAP BW/4HANA: Provides a data warehouse with agile and flexible data modelling capabilities

SAP BTP is not just about tools. It's about harnessing real-time data for quick adaptation to market trends, customer behaviours, and operational shifts. It empowers you to monitor processes, predict outcomes, and understand market sentiments as they unfold.

With SAP BTP, you're equipped for data-driven decision-making, helping you optimise operations, uncover new opportunities, and maintain a competitive edge.

Application Development and Integration

Think of SAP BTP as your personalised toolbox with various resources to develop and integrate applications that drive your business forward. This platform empowers you to address unique challenges with customised, practical solutions.

Highlights of SAP BTP's development and integration capabilities include:

  • Language Versatility: Develop in your preferred language, whether ABAP, Java, Node.js, or Python. 
  • Smooth Integration: Seamlessly integrate custom applications with your existing SAP solutions and third-party platforms, courtesy of the SAP Integration Suite.
  • DevOps Support: Facilitate collaboration between development and operations teams, enhancing application delivery and management.

With these tools, you can unlock the following opportunities:

  • Develop bespoke applications that tackle specific business problems and automate routine tasks.
  • Enhance your current SAP systems with custom functionalities.
  • Connect with various platforms for a comprehensive, integrated data and process landscape.

Database and Data Management

In our digital-first world, effectively managing data is crucial. Data products like SAP BTP can boost efficiency, leading to a potential 30 per cent reduction in total ownership costs, which include technology, development, and maintenance expenses.

SAP BTP ensures your data is organised and accessible by safeguarding and streamlining your assets. The data management suite includes:

  • Versatile Database Selection: With options like SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), SAP HANA, and SAP HANA Cloud, your data storage is secure and scalable.
  • Precision Data Management Tools: Leverage tools such as SAP Data Intelligence, SAP Information Steward, and SAP Data Quality Management.
  • Seamless Processing and Integration: Link your SAP and non-SAP systems stress-free, thanks to SAP Data Services and the SAP Integration Suite, eradicating data silos.

Here's how you can leverage SAP BTP for data excellence:

  • Boost Operational Efficiency: Streamline data processes, automating mundane tasks to refocus your team on strategic goals.
  • Empower Decision-Making: With reliable data at your fingertips, spot trends and opportunities and take action.
  • Uphold Compliance: Strong governance and security protocols ensure your data practices meet industry standards.

Intelligent Technologies

By 2025, effortless collaboration between humans and machines will become the norm. SAP BTP's smart technologies automate everyday tasks and add AI to your business operations. Here are some of the innovative tools and services you can use:

  • SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (IRPA): Streamlines repetitive tasks, freeing up your team for more impactful work
  • SAP AI Business Services: Harness AI for tasks like anomaly detection
  • SAP Edge Services: Brings real-time, intelligent decision-making capabilities closer to your operations
  • SAP Internet of Things (IoT): Connects and analyses data from physical assets for operational optimisation
  • Askdata: Combines a search engine's ease with machine learning for intuitive data exploration

Transform your business with SAP BTP's intelligent tech by:

  • Automating routine operations so your team can concentrate on value-added activities
  • Deploy AI-driven chatbots for superior customer service
  • Accelerate data analysis using AI for comprehensive understanding and trend spotting
  • Harness connected devices and IoT insights for agile decision-making

SAP BTP Services

SAP BTP encompasses a wide range of services, each designed to meet different business needs. With 92 services currently available, SAP BTP is a versatile tool for various business functions. 

Key services include:

  • SAP HANA Cloud: A powerful tool for database management and application development
  • SAP Build Apps: Allows for easy app development with minimal coding
  • SAP Graph: Simplifies API management by combining multiple SAP APIs
  • SAP Conversational AI: Enables the creation of chatbots for customer interaction
  • SAP Data Intelligence: Applies AI and machine learning to parse and understand data

The diversity of SAP BTP services means you can find tools for almost any need, from data analysis and app development to automation and cloud management. Each service integrates with existing systems, allowing businesses to improve their operations efficiently.

For a complete list of all SAP BTP services, visit the SAP Discovery Center.

Embrace the Future with the SAP Business Technology Platform

If you're looking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, SAP BTP offers you a robust and scalable solution. By tapping into its extensive range of services, you can optimise your current operations and pave the way for future growth and innovation.

Discover the full potential of SAP BTP for your business. Contact us today.

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