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How SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and Onboarding benefits your business

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Recruiting and onboarding the right staff is pivotal to any business for ongoing growth and success, but for many businesses, the recruiting and onboarding processes can also come with headaches of their own. The SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting module is designed to eliminate the latter and enhance the former, making the whole process that much easier for everyone concerned.

Let's take a look at how this benefits your business.

Expand your recruiting reach

When recruiting new personnel, reach is very important. It is unlikely that you have already made up your mind on a particular candidate before the process starts. This means you need to put your job description and job offer in front of as many pairs of eyes as possible, in an effort to secure the right hire.

The SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting module works towards this by helping you to approach recruiting as you would a marketing campaign. You will be able to connect with over 4,000 advertising channels, covering such things as social networks, job aggregation sites and universities, on your way to expanding your reach and broadening your talent pool.

You will also have the ability to craft your own dedicated recruitment site, which will give potential hires further insight into both the role being advertised and the experience of working within your company. All of this contributes to a far more qualified selection of candidates. It also makes it much easier for you to hit your recruitment targets.

Scaled-back process, but with highly effective results

The problem with traditional recruiting and onboarding processes is that they become bloated and convoluted. This results in an inefficient, lengthy process that is a drain on company resources and leaves candidates feeling disenchanted with the whole experience.

The module is designed to help you do things a little differently by scaling back the process to create something more streamlined and efficient. Each step in the process leads logically to the next, and there is little to no wastage of time or resources. 

What's more, this efficiency does not come at the cost of the results. Built-in tools enable a streamlined, efficient process without losing any key capabilities, while the cloud-enabled platform brings documents and data together in an effective way, even at high volumes. DocuSign integration, for example, enables the signing and storage of paperwork on a remote basis, while job applications can be optimised for mobile devices to make the procedure even more accessible.

Target a competitive candidate experience

SuccessFactors recruiting capabilities are set up in a way that is reminiscent of a sales or acquisitions funnel. By treating your candidates as customers in this way, you are able to offer a far more competitive experience to potential hires and project a far more professional image for your company. This can be instrumental in landing the best personnel whenever you need to fill a new role.

You will be able to set up a swift and efficient recruitment process that eliminates any of the bottlenecks and delays that frustrate potential clients so much. You will also be able to work flexibly within this framework and to reach out directly to candidates for effective support and communication.

This is bolstered by a suite of candidate relationship management tools that are included within the module. With these tools, you can foster engagement on a broad scale, providing mass updates and bulletins that keep your potential hires informed. You'll also be able to nurture more personal connections with key candidates, which becomes particularly useful as you narrow down your search.

Leverage insight into the process

The SuccessFactors Recruiting module has been developed with data in mind. The developers understand just how important solid insight and understanding is to the recruitment process. As such, the module is designed to capture as much data as possible during the process – data that can then be used to hone and refine recruiting campaigns in the future.

This insight is leveraged via user-friendly interfaces designed to make data management and understanding simple and straightforward. The module also supports this with a number of intelligent tools that allow recruiters to do more during the process. These tools include automated bias scanning for job descriptions, helping you to remove any problematic language from the description, and machine learning capabilities that provide recommendations on salary and other benefits during recruitment. 

Global recruiting with SAP SuccessFactors

Global enterprises need global recruitment capabilities. This means connecting with candidates effectively and profoundly, wherever they are located.

SAP SuccessFactors helps businesses achieve this and supports recruitment processes in 46 languages. With this capability, businesses can create a localised experience for hires in different markets, transforming operations on a truly global scale. As remote work culture enables increasing numbers of organisations to reach a broader market than ever before, this capability provides a huge benefit.


With the recruiting module, bringing in new personnel becomes significantly easier. You can start looking forward to how you are going to deploy all that new talent rather than worrying about how much the process is going to cost in terms of time, money and resources.

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