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Intensifying  the Power of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting: Your Voice, Your Influence

In the dynamic realm of talent acquisition, staying ahead means not just keeping pace with change but driving it. SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, a leading solution in this space, understands this imperative. That's why it doesn't just listen to its users; it empowers them through the Customer Influence program to shape the platform's future.

A Platform for Empowerment

The SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Customer Influence opportunity is not just a suggestion box; it's a vibrant forum where users can propose, discuss, and vote on enhancements to the system. Whether it's improving the admin experience, enhancing recruiter/user functionalities, or refining candidate experiences, every voice counts.

The Potential of Joined Efforts

The success of the Customer Influence program is evident in the numbers. In the last request review period (July to December 2023), Recruiting emerged as one of the top modules, with a staggering 351 ideas submitted. However, only 52 of these ideas met the acceptance threshold, underscoring the importance of community support.

SAP Customer Influence Program - Source: SAP SuccessFactors Customer Influence Program Results – 2H 2023

Setting the Bar

To ensure thorough analysis, an idea needs to reach a 20-vote threshold. Once achieved, it remains open for voting until marked for long-term consideration. Currently, in the SuccessFactors Recruiting space, there are 1434 requests open for voting, highlighting the community's engagement and commitment to driving meaningful change.

Categorising Experiences

When thinking about improving the Recruiting Management experience, the customer influence opportunity categorises enhancement suggestions into the following areas:

  • Recruiter Experience (RE): This category encompasses suggestions to streamline and enhance recruiters' workflows from agency management to reporting.
  • Candidate Experience (CE): The suggestions here aim to make the candidate's journey smoother, from profile creation to application submission.
  • Admin Experience (AE): Enhancements related to general configuration settings or Career Site Admin Tools fall under this category.

Spotlight on Innovation

Given the high volume of enhancement requests for Recruiting Management, Discovery Consulting has taken proactive steps to boost the review of interesting but less voted requests.

To promote easier access we have used the parent experience categories to identify six key topics for voting, each with three standout enhancement requests. Let’s explore these:

1. RCM Administration

  • Reassign Job Requisitions: The current process of reassigning job requisitions involves selecting a specific template or entering an ID before searching for requisitions, which is inefficient, especially for mass reassignments across different templates. To address this, the enhancement proposes either adding an 'All' option in the dropdown list for Template Name or enabling the 'Search' button regardless of whether a selection is made in Template Name or Job Req ID.

    Vote on: Reassign Job Requisitions

  • Candidate Data Purging: Currently, the filter to select candidates for purging is only by inactivity period. This solution proposes enhancing data purging capabilities by incorporating filters currently available in candidate searches into purging rules. This makes it possible to exclude candidates based on specific skills or those added to talent pools.

    Vote on: Candidate Data Purging

  • Sync Internal Candidates: Internal candidates (employees) have their Employee ID linked to the candidate profile only if the conversion from external to internal candidate occurs. Employees added without passing through manage pending recruits do not have the Employee ID linked to their candidate profile, causing complications in report identification and profile merging. The suggestion is to implement system synchronisations between Employee and candidate profiles, ensuring the Employee ID is synchronised along with background and personal information. This would facilitate analysis for internal talent management processes.

    Vote on: Sync Internal Candidates

2. Job Requisition

  • Custom Role for Relational Operators: The issue involves wanting to assign a Recruiting Operator's Delegate A or B as an approver in the Route Map (currently not possible), providing synergy with Employee Central's Job Relationships. The goal is to allow either the Hiring Manager or their Delegate to approve job requisitions. Facilitating easier approval processes.

    Vote on: Custom Role for Relational Operators

  • Requisition Comment Box: Right now, the comments field in the job requisition can be edited by any of the requisition approvers. This solution involves improving the user interface (UI) and permissions for the comment field, restricting editing privileges solely to the individual who initially entered the comment, and mirroring the functionality of the comments field within the application.

    Vote on: Requisition Comment Box

  • Hide "View Job Profile" in pre-approved status: When Job Profile Builder is activated, in the job requisition’s pre-approved status, there is a button (View Job Profile) that allows to change to the Job Profile tab. Some customers have not permissioned the fields listingLayout, extListingLayout, and competencies in pre -approved status. Clicking the "View Job Profile" button in this status causes filled-out fields to become empty upon returning. The suggestion is to hide the button in the pre-approved status when specific fields are not permissioned. This would prevent confusion about why the tab is empty in that status.

    Vote on: Hide "View Job Profile" in pre-approved status

3. Application

  • Retain Applicant Source: Some companies use evergreen or generic job requisitions to source candidates, and then those candidates are forwarded to specific job requisitions using the function " forward as applicant". The source value for the forwarded candidates changes to 'recruiter sourced'.  This hinders sourcing reports and doesn't allow candidates to be tracked correctly. The suggestion entails ensuring the applicant source remains intact when candidates are forwarded.

    Vote on: Retain Applicant Source

  • Enhanced Multilocation Application Field: With Multi-location requisitions, it is not possible for candidates to specify which location they are applying for, leading to application fields, like Diversity fields, being generalised based on the main country. The suggestion is to introduce a standard pop-up that appears when candidates click 'Apply' for a multi-location job posting and allows the candidate to select for what location they are applying.

    Vote on: Enhanced Multilocation Application Field

  • Allow application without entering a password: Customers increasingly demand a simplified application process with essential data only. Mandatory password requirements in the application often deter candidates, leading to potential disinterest. To address this, the suggestion is to allow customers the flexibility to choose whether passwords are necessary for applications, potentially removing barriers like compulsory account creation through Quick Apply.

    Vote on: Allow application without entering a password

4. Offer

  • Control over Mapping: The inefficiencies and conflicts within the data structure and mapping process for inter-module integration between Recruiting (RCM) and Employee Central (EC), as well as Onboarding (ONB) and EC, present significant challenges for businesses. These conflicts, which are not visible to administrators, hinder the flexibility and transparency needed for efficient business operations. Additionally, the lack of exposure of the Candidate to Employee conversion template (RCM to EC) to customers, and its restricted availability in provisioning, limits the ability to default values or utilize business rule logic. Similarly, the mapping template between ONB 2.0 and EC faces conflicts and redundancy issues, impacting data storage needs and system performance. To address these challenges, suggestions include allowing mapping "by business rule," migrating RCM to EC mapping out of provisioning, and making EC pay component objects available in RCM.

    Vote on: Control over Mapping

  • Seamless Offer Letter Integration: The suggested solution addresses the business problem of the lack of an automated solution to associate a PDF offer letter with a candidate's record throughout the hiring and onboarding process. Currently, there is no streamlined method to ensure access to the PDF offer letter across all stages, from Recruitment to Onboarding to Employee Central. To address this issue, the recommendation is to implement a process where the PDF offer letter remains with the candidate or employee seamlessly as they transition through Recruitment, Onboarding, and eventually into Employee Central. This involves ensuring that the offer letter is accessible and integrated into each stage of the process, with the letter feeding into Onboarding and then being electronically pushed into Employee Central to be stored with the employee's file.

    Vote on: Seamless Offer Letter Integration

  • Token for Signatory Titles: The suggestion involves limitations in including multiple signatories in offer letters due to a restricted token for importing position titles. This results in the inability to automatically pull the position title of certain employees, such as Partners, without resorting to customised tokens linked to free text sources. To address this issue, the recommendation is to create a token specifically designed to pull the position titles of designated employees, ensuring their inclusion as signatories.

    Vote on: Token for Signatory Titles

5. Reporting

  • Time to Fill Enhancements: To improve recruiting processes, it's suggested that an 'Offer Accepted' field be included within the Time to Fill End Date options in Recruiting Settings. This addition aligns with the practice of many companies that define Time to Fill as the duration from when a requisition is opened to when an offer is accepted. Presently, the configuration of the 'Time to Fill' field doesn't accommodate this specific requirement, hindering accurate tracking and analysis of recruitment timelines.

    Vote on: Time to Fill Enhancements

  • Expanded Reporting Capabilities: Users experiment ongoing challenges with reporting recruiting data as specific core recruiting attributes are either unavailable or require extracting data from the integration centre and merging it with recruiting reporting data. Examples of these challenges include the inability to report on prescreening questions, including whether they serve as disqualifiers, their scoring, and candidate responses; the lack of ability to report on evaluation responses from the interview team, including competencies, ratings, and comments; and the incapacity to report on whether onboarding has been initiated. These limitations hinder customer’s ability to effectively track and analyse recruitment processes and compliance.

    Vote on: Expanded Reporting Capabilities

  • Implementation of "Last..." Date Filter: The suggestion addresses the time-consuming task of manually adjusting filters when pulling reports for specific periods, such as last month or week. It proposes implementing a new filter for date field types, like "last... (month/week/time period)," to streamline the process.

    Vote on: Implementation of "Last..." Date Filter

6. Career Site Builder

  • Additional Search Fields: The request pertains to integrating fields from both job requisitions and custom fields within the Search Results page of the Career Site Builder. Presently, there are only seven available options for fields. The desire is to expand these options to include additional fields, such as the "application date." A specific concern highlighted is that selecting "Date" currently displays the posting date instead of the desired application date. The aim is to enhance the search functionality by incorporating more field options, providing users greater flexibility and specificity in their searches.

    Vote on: Additional Search Fields

  • RMK Instance Refresh: The instance refresh feature isn't available in Recruiting Marketing (RMK). Refreshing the instance is currently only possible through manual import and export actions. The suggestion proposed is to introduce an automatic replication option, allowing users to schedule refreshes for Career Sites, similar to functionalities available in systems with Core modules and data.

    Vote on: RMK Instance Refresh

  • Flexible Two-Column Component Layout: The two-column component used to present images and text within a box currently defaults to text alignment as right justified. The request is to introduce a layout option that enables users to choose between left or right justification. This added flexibility would enhance the career site's design capabilities without necessitating the use of custom components. A potential solution to address this issue would be to incorporate layout functionality with selectable options for left or right justification, mirroring the setup of the video component.

    Vote on: Flexible Two-Column Component Layout

Driving Excellence Through Participation

The journey of co-innovation between SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and its users promises to unlock new possibilities in talent acquisition. By actively participating in the Customer Influence program, users not only shape the future of the platform but also elevate recruitment practices to new heights of excellence.

As we look ahead, let's continue to collaborate, innovate, and drive positive change in the world of talent acquisition. Together, we can build a future where every voice is heard and every idea has the power to transform recruitment processes for the better.

Help us shape the future of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting today by voting on all the enhancement requests that are of interest to your company and raising new improvements to make SuccessFactors even better!

Source: Influence Opportunity Homepage - Customer Influence (sap.com)

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