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Before You Start Your Cloud HR Implementation

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Best Practices Before You Start Your Cloud HR Implementation

For those looking to modernise HR administration and control, migrating from legacy HR management systems to a comprehensive cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solution may be the best approach. 

Integrating cloud HR with your overall digital strategy will help align your HR processes with your business objectives in an increasingly information-based environment. These processes include talent search, onboarding, performance and experience analysis, and payroll.

However, the success of implementing an HCM system hinges on several critical internal factors that dictate the overall end results. Here are a few essential things you need to do before making the switch to cloud HR, in order to realise the full benefits.

Understand What You're Getting Into

The very first thing you need to do before embarking on cloud HR migration is to ask yourself whether your organisation is ready for the radical change, and what an SAP SuccessFactors HCM solution really brings to the table. Part of the readiness assessment is HR's willingness and capacity to unlearn old ways and adopt new practices.

Take an objective look at your current HR model and identify all the roadblocks, bottlenecks and inefficiencies you’re hoping to eliminate by shifting to cloud HCM. In addition to this, make sure you understand all the changes that come with moving HR processes and data to the cloud. Examine all this with a long-term perspective, to understand the big picture of what this course of action entails, and to gain an accurate projection of the ROI.

Involve Your End Users in Solution Design and Decision Making

Although the ultimate goal of an HCM system is to serve the best interests of HR for the greater benefit of the company, you must consider how the transformation affects those directly involved. Your end-users, in this case, are potential job candidates, team leaders, supervisors, department heads and the individual employees.

Collaborate with the end-user’s representatives in brainstorming ideas for an ideal system that fits perfectly with everyone’s expectations. Keep in mind, however, that even with a highly customisable solution, there are limits to how well a digital system will match the already established HR structure. As you define the fundamental principles of the system, help everyone understand that some of the HR culture may be lost during the translation to digital. Also, identify and resolve any political, social and hierarchical issues before they arise when making significant changes.

Prepare Your In-house IT Team

Your in-house IT team will do a lot of the heavy lifting in facilitating the migration to cloud HR. On top of that, they’ll have to work closely with HR and management in collecting data, making essential system configurations and installing support equipment where necessary. Prepare your IT team for the additional workload by arranging training sessions or bringing in extra hands with useful expertise and experience in cloud HR prior to implementation.

Also, ensure that the IT and HR departments are well aware of their roles and responsibilities during the implementation process and continued support of the HCM. This will help smooth out the transition by avoiding any delays and complications due to unforeseen technical challenges.

Define the Implementation Methodology

Once you have decided on what you need and have prepared your business for the transformation, it’s time to decide on how it's going to take place. You can go one of two ways when implementing the cloud HCM. One approach is to install the entire SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite and adapt all HR processes to the platform across the board. The other is to implement just the core application at the beginning and making incremental expansions with time.

A slow and steady implementation gives your businesses some breathing space after every major change and lets your staff adjust to every transition. Complete integration means your business makes the switch in one go. Either way, remember to keep your eyes on the price and consider the long-term plan of the implementation.

Selecting an Implementation Partner

Adapting and running a cloud HR facility is not a journey you want to take alone. Find the right SAP SuccessFactors partner to assist you in planning and integrating the right SAP solutions for your HR needs. You want a partner who knows the industry inside and out and with vast experience in guiding businesses formulate mission-critical strategies. That partner must also be in a capacity to provide long-term support, ideally for the foreseeable lifespan of the product.

A SAP SuccessFactors partner will help you make well-informed choices for your business and update you accordingly as new changes in methodology and technology emerge. At Discovery Consulting, we work closely with businesses in planning and implementing SAP HCM as a way to modernise and improve the efficiency of outdated HR management styles. Get in touch with us today and start your cloud HR journey with a capable, hands-on partner.

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