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The SAP S/4 HANA cloud suite is a significant transformation shift by SAP, as SAP look to provide a true ERP Cloud solution with greater technology benefits

SAP Cloud Benefits

Innovation Continually Delivered

SAP deliver new innovations and enhancements on a quarterly basis. Customers have the ability to adopt new functionality when best suited to their organisations needs;

Time to Activation

Built as a true SaaS with built in best practices, the S/4 HANA suite allows for quick uptime, achievable in weeks, not months;


Easily enable integrations to both SAP and non-SAP solutions. Out of the box integrations are simply enabled for SAP Cloud products such as Ariba and SuccessFactors. S/4 HANA provides seamless Integration with SAP Solutions. It allows organisations to integrate with market-leading SAP solutions through built-in integrations.

Be Proactive

The agility of the cloud allows organisations to be proactive in their marketplace and further realise their return on investment;

Cloud ERP key capabilities include:



Consolidate all financial, managerial, and operational processes into a single solution with real-time processes, being integrated into ERP modules. Being a single source, it provides advanced reporting and analytics to enable insightful reporting as well as providing the ease and flexibility of online report designs. SAP Finance provides a proven platform used worldwide to allow organisations to streamline core finance processes, manage assets, and allow the finance team to focus on more value-adding activities for their organisation, such as manage spend, resources, and financial reporting requirements.

Human Resources

Human Resources

S/4 HANA Cloud provides integration with SAP HCM Solutions, to ensure that full human resource services are managed and planned within S/4 HANA Cloud application. The solution for simplified human resources can help you combine local requirements with global integration and real-time insight - for fast, efficient, and accurate services. S/4 Functions, such as project planning, have real-time human resource data and accurately record activities, times and costs through accurate workforce records.

Procurement Sourcing 2

Procurement / Sourcing

Reduce manual tasks and improve governance across the procurement process. Understand your organisations spend and remove inefficiencies with machine learning that can increase profits and employees available time.  S/4 HANA Cloud provides functionality from fundamental management of supplier costs and sourcing efficiencies, operational procurement, contract sourcing and management through to procurement analytics. Purchasing reporting and analytics provides up-to-the-minute insights across all aspects of the procurement lifecycle.



In a market where organisations must be more responsive to customers, maintaining real-time visibility and transparency over manufacturing operations is critical to remain competitive and excel. Optimise manufacturing processes and engage with global networks whilst reducing manufacturing costs.

Professional Services

Professional Services

An industry purpose built solution, Professional Services is available to organisations looking to deliver client value profitably. S/4 HANA Professional Services allows organisations to manage client engagements and manage every aspect of their operations to deliver consistent quality and high-value services.

Sale Marketing

Sales / Marketing

Engage with your customers and gain valuable insights from their digital behaviour whilst achieving retention, reducing customer acquisition costs and providing them a unique customer experience. In the rapidly changing marketplace, companies need to adapt in the engagement models and maximise sales value with one stop order and contract management.

Looking for a transformational shift?

For those organisations seeking to move to the world leading ERP solution to support their strategy and growth plans, Discovery Consulting can provide all hardware and implementation services required to provide the transformational software platform.

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